KLR Committee Members

The Articles of Association (the constitution) of Kinghorn Library Renewed recognise that all trustees are first and foremost volunteer-members.  There are currently seven trustees serving on the Board:

Andrew Bentley-Steed

Diana Diggins

Roger Diggins

Alana Fraser

Catherine Lindow

Dawn Watson

Elizabeth Whitton

KLR is a charitable organisation recognised by OSCR, The Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator (SC046860).

At any one time, there are no fewer than four trustees registered as directors with Companies House and they share liability for our organisation which is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee (SC542843) .  A current list of those directors may be found by clicking on this link.

Any volunteer-member of Kinghorn Library Renewed – that is, anyone regularly involved in volunteering as a librarian or fund-raiser – may put themselves forward or be nominated to sit on the Board at any of our meetings.

Other community leaders are involved behind the scenes too.