Useful information and links

We will be using the very powerful, very easy-to-learn TinyCat library catalogue.  It has been built by librarians especially for small/ community libraries and is designed – among other things – to make LibraryThing even easier to navigate.  There’s no reason why a small/ micro-library would use anything else.

If you are a small library and you need to convert more than one ISBN at a time to the contemporary ISBN-13 standard then use our Contact Form to get in touch.  We can send you an ISBN Batch Converter by email and won’t charge you.   For security reasons .ie. to protect your computer from malware, we are not going to put the Excel spreadsheet online and if you do see someone offering something similar don’t download it – it’s free for a reason.

The following is not a definitive list but the links below relate  to how KLR must operate as an organisation and so we thought to post these here as they may prove useful for other organisations, community libraries or individuals.

Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act, 2005

Companies Act, 2006

Equalities Act, 2010

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas)(Scotland) Act, 1997

Local Government in Scotland Act, 2003


Freedom of Information in Scotland is covered by several items of legislation.  A general guide can be found here but the specific acts are as follows:

Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, 2002

Freedom of Information (Amendment)(Scotland) Act, 2013

Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations, 2004 (also, the EIRS)


There are additional items of legislation that cover the UK as a whole because there are UK-wide agencies such as the BBC which also operate in Scotland:

Freedom of Information Act, 2000 (FOIA)

Data Protection Act, 1998 (DPA)


The Historic Environment Scotland has, since 1 October 2015, been the executive agency responsible for the recording of those buildings previously listed by Historic Scotland and The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland.  The building in which Kinghorn Library sits was formerly a school built by Thomas Hamilton in 1829 and was recognised as a Category ‘B’ building in 1972.

The Scottish Book Trust is a charity (SC027669) which aims to change lives in Scotland through the promotion of literacy.

Local elections will be taking place in Scotland on Thursday 4 May 2017.  As a charity, we cannot indicate preference or support for any candidate or even that councillor who will be standing again and has been consistent in supporting us but we can point you to this article, prepared by the Improvement Service.   Local councillor is a website that explains what role councillors play in our communities, their responsibilities, how you can become a councillor yourself and support for serving councillors.