Official launch this Sunday

We will officially launch on Sunday 3 September at midday.  The Sunday opening is a one-off – an attempt to get as many people together as possible.

For the time being, we will continue to open on just a few days a week as we continue to train volunteers and to get people used to the idea that the library is open again.

Tuesday 10am – 1pm then 3 – 7pm

Friday 10am – 1pm then 3 – 5pm

In the next couple of weeks, we will begin to open on Saturday mornings and then later, the other days of the week.

As a volunteer-run organisation, we have to strike a balance between our volunteer’s personal lives and their commitment to maintaining the library for the rest of the community.  In other words, we need more volunteers!

We also need funding but are not sitting about with big bowls waiting for folk to notice us: we are actively developing projects.  We also – perhaps uniquely for a library – are offering a book-ordering service.  The idea is simple.  Unlike a certain online retailer who steals the wealth from our communities using aggressive tax avoidance schemes, buying your books from us will ensure that all proceeds of the sale remain in our community.  As with other charities registered with OSCR, if we have a surplus, we are constitutionally bound to place the money with our local charitable projects.

We almost lost the library once but seeing the excitement of the children visiting us during our ‘soft launch’ phase over the past couple of weeks has reminded us why we’ve worked so hard to get our library open again.  The investment of time, money and books has been worht it and we hope you will continue to support this great asset.