Bake and Book Sale!

As some visitors to the library will have noticed, there’s no ringing of telephones and we also have a huge spread of donated books…  These things are not unrelated, so read please read on.

If you don’t have a landline to connect to a conventional telephone, library users who are not online cannot easily access the books in the library, particularly if they are house-bound.  The other drawback is that our current wireless internet access (which supplies our book database and other things) can only support a half-dozen computers.  This would be OK if we were hoping to only match the service you’ve seen in the library before but we’re not.  We want to offer up to a dozen computers so that members of the public can come in and get training on how to use the internet safely.  We want to offer a code academy so that children – and those hoping to return to work – can gain new skills that are relevant to the changing job market.  All these things require a good fixed-line connection.

Though the library has re-opened under the management of a charity, we would still be charged as a business to get connected to the UK telephone network.  But, I hear you say, a single phoneline is no different whether it serves a charity or a home… however, having spoken to Virgin and other telecoms providers, BT controls all the landlines in Kinghorn, we’re doing another fundraiser because we want to make our library useful to more folk than those who currently use it.

So, recognising that not everyone wants to buy a second-hand book, we’re going to bribe you with cake.  Lots of cake.  The pricing will be the same as for the books: you donate what you think the cake is worth.

After the event, all the books will be moved on to other charities.  With the left-side of the library cleared, we will be able to install the computers for public use and we will move into ‘phase three’ of opening the library to the community (yes, we have a plan).

Saturday 23 September, 10am – noon… Cake, lots of cake!