Background Information

As Fife Council identified the need to make cuts of around £77m, Fife Cultural Trust also needed to make savings from its budget. Following a review of proposals by Fife Cultural Trust, Fife Council voted to cease funding Kinghorn Library from the end of February 2017.

The community had until the autumn 2016 to prepare a business plan detailing an Alternative Delivery Model for presentation to the council.  This was accepted on 26 August 2016.

Kinghorn Library Renewed has been working since January 2016 to create that vision, incorporating some of the very positive ideas that were initially put forward as part of the protests against the closure of any library.

There is no limit as to how the community in Kinghorn may further develop their library. Despite claims to the contrary made by at least one senior manager at FCT, the Public Libraries and Museums Act (1963) does not cover Scotland and never did – any library in Fife can operate commercially to support itself. It is our decision as to how we do this.

As we become a charitable trust, Kinghorn Library Renewed would like to fund our library in the future by:

  • using profits from a book (and CD and DVD) ordering service
  • offering a Tourist Information Service
  • accepting match funding from a Gift Aid scheme
  • promoting an annual torchlight parade
  • actively pursuing grant funding to support services
  • other ideas as pursued by the newly formed fundraising team who will work alongside the KLR committee members

A community-owned library cannot succeed without the support of our community. We need you to not only help raise awareness that our library will soon be managed by members of the community but also to volunteer in whatever capacity you can.

To be added to our mailing list or to get in touch with us with questions or ideas, please email: