Information for Volunteers

This page is where you’ll find the documents you will need to read as part of your role.

The Articles of Association is KLR’s constitution.  This can be amended at any AGM by the approval of a ‘special’ resolution, in other words, to be passed, it needs to have a minimum threshold of support (see Article 34).  An ordinary resolution is one which doesn’t affect the constitution and which merely requires a simple majority of those volunteers present to pass.


The Volunteer Agreement is not a legal requirement but because some of the library users are children/ vulnerable adults and because we are determined that all volunteers should be mindful of the requirements laid down by law in the Equality Act (2010), you will not be allowed to volunteer as a librarian unless you do sign it.  It’s not a contract of employment but it does also ensure that you know what the charity should be providing for you.


For those wishing to work at any of the events we may plan for children/ vulnerable adults at which there will be more than incidental contact*, then you will need to be in possession of a Basic Disclosure Certificate which you can obtain by following this link.
* Incidental contact is what occurs when a child comes into a shop or a bank (usually accompanied by a parent/ guardian) and the staff must continue performing their duties.  Retail and bank staff are not required to have certification because any possibility of communication with a child is unplanned and usually supervised.